Neeradj Gangapersad

Neeradj concentrates on further improving Pelargos’s investment strategies. With a great deal of perseverance he has successfully achieved the implementation of many new ideas and improvements. And he constantly monitors the extent to which they bring about the desired improvements.

Improvements come mainly through persistence

Pelargos investors regularly have new ideas on how to improve their strategy. Think perhaps of a new reversal strategy or optimizing the attribution analysis. Neeradj’s responsibility is to put these ideas into practice. He has a very process-oriented approach. First; the ideas are back-tested with historical data. And he builds feedback loops into every stage of the implementation process, so as to always be sure what the effects are in practice. Neeradj’s perseverance is perhaps his most important factor. It takes time and energy to evolve ideas that are weather-proof and the realization process always proves to be complex.


Neeradj understands Investors as well as Operations. His knowledge of both fields is critical, because when you know how the back-end works you can actually contribute with positive adjustments to the investment strategy. Neeradj calls it. “Concept and implementation fit,” and this is exactly what gives Neeradj his energy.

Neeradj Gangapersad

Business Analyst

  • Introduction

  • Neeradj is our model engineer as he loves to build quantitative models for everything

  • Work experience

    • Pelargos Capital (2009-present)
    • Business Analyst (2012-present)
    • Operations Analyst (2009-2012)
  • Education

    • CFA level III candidate
    • MSC in Business (2008); Erasmus University major in finance & investments