Richard Dingemans

Richard is one of the founding partners of Pelargos. As CEO he is ultimately responsible for the management and strategy of the company. Richard is co-manager of Japan strategy.

Special relationship with Asia

Richard’s fascination with Asia started from his birth in Hong Kong. His expat childhood was mainly shaped in Asia. Subsequently, he continued to make long journeys through this ever-stimulating continent. When he had the chance to become a Japanese equity portfolio manager with Aegon in 2003, he seized the opportunity. The dynamics of Asia’s rapid economic development as well as the cultural aspects of Asia interest him immensely.

Passionate investor

Richard regularly feels: “Why are investors only focusing on short-term earnings and ignoring balance sheets when analyzing investment opportunities?” The CEO of Pelargos is, above all, a passionate investor. He invests a significant amount of time in understanding the core of a company. Where is the value? What are the key drivers for its success? For Richard, investing is an intellectual challenge: “More things can happen than will happen and only one reality will occur. He who comes closest to understanding future outcomes will win over the long term.”

A people person

Richard knows that investing is primarily about people. Success is only possible if the investment team is fully motivated and works together synergistically. Leveraging each other’s strengths while providing the space for everyone’s talents to shine. This level of human involvement extends beyond the investment team, because relationships between partners and customers are based on trust.

Richard Dingemans

CEO / Fund Manager

  • Introduction

  • Richard is one of the founders of Pelargos. As CEO he is ultimately responsible for the management of the company. Richard is co-manager on the Japan strategy and enjoys exchanging ideas with the Asia team.

  • Work experience

    • Pelargos Capital (2008-present)
    • Aegon Asset Management
      Senior Portfolio Manager of Japanese Equities (2003-2008)
    • AXA Investment Managers
      Portfolio Manager Global Equities (2001-2003)
      Quantitative Analyst and Portfolio Manager Balanced Funds (1998-2001)
      Management Traineeship (1996-1997)
  • Education

    • CMT, Technical Analysis (2010)
    • CEFA / RBA (1999), Free University of Amsterdam
    • MSc in Chemical Engineering (1995), TU Delft