Foundations of our success

Foundation Succes 1

Independent and critical thinking

Foundation Succes 2

Proactive and entrepreneurial

Foundation Succes 3

Curious and engaged

Foundation Succes 4

Excellence in all you seek, integrity in all you do

Foundation Succes 5

Open and honest communication

Richard Dingemans

Risk is not a number. Truly understanding the companies you invest in, is the ultimate form of downside risk management.

Michael Kretschmer

We are in the business of taking risk, when the odds favor us to do so.

Neeradj Gangapersad

Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.

R. Tagore

Pieter van Putten

Our business depends on the trust our clients put in us. It is our duty to ensure that we are worth that trust.

Investment team

Richard Dingemans

CEO / Fund Manager

Richard is CEO and with 20 years of experience he connects all the dots to improve and maintain a high performance organization.

Michael Kretschmer

CIO / Fund Manager

Michael joined Pelargos at the launch in April 2008. As an investor Michael has seen more bear than bull markets and trying to comprehened complex systems is his passion.

Keiichi Kuroda

Senior Research Analyst

Kuroda-san has over 30 years experience at various investment banks and is Tokyo based.

Neeradj Gangapersad

Business Analyst

Neeradj is our model engineer as he loves to build quantitative models for everything.

Operations team

Pieter van Putten


Pieter is responsible for all non-investment activities. 

Wing Yang Wong


Wing Yang makes sure all investment decisions are executed fast and smoothly.

Natasja Hessing

Financial Administrator

Natasja Hessing keeps a tight grip on the financial positions of the company. As office manager she is also in charge of all logistics to ensure a smooth sailing of the office.

Joeri Kort


Joeri is responsible for the gathering, consolidation and verification of financial information for internal and external stakeholders.

Compliance, Legal and Risk

Lai Yin Lee

Risk Manager

Lai Yin is the driving force behind operational processes which she helped to establish. As Senior Risk Manager she is in charge of the risk management process.

IT infrastructure and database management

Tashan Tika

IT & Data Support

Tashan supports our fund management and operations teams with IT and data management.

Our culture in a nutshell

The Pelargos way: Value philosophy, institutional infrastructure, contrarian mindset and complete client alignment

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We systematically identify stocks with asymmetric payoff structures that expose us to attractive upside returns relative to their downside risk.

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Superior investment results culminate from a better than average ability to figure out when risk taking will lead to gains and when it will not.

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We are nonconformists. Out of favor, neglected ideas have to be lonely and most great investments begin with discomfort. Everything that is important in investing is counterintuitive and everything that is obvious is, by definition, “wrong”.

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Client alignment

We believe in full transparency and the highest degree of integrity. All key decision makers hold stakes in the asset manager and have a significant portion of their net worth invested in the fund.